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Is the 808 diode laser machine effective?

Author:Henmily    Pubdate:2019-04-19    Hits:1717

Do you know 808 diode laser? Is the 808 diode laser machine effective?

A)Special Design and Imported Accessories 

With 12*12mm2 spot size, 808 diode laser can suitable for all areas, fast and effective for hair removal. For there is a sapphire crystal in the handle, The delivery of light across the entire treatment area (especially over larger areas such as the back) is more uniform and less likely to create uneven results when using the larger treatment head.?We adopt American COHERENT laser bars, 10 laser bars in the handle and the power of each is 100 Watts, it has total 1000Watts.

B)4 In One Cooling System 

For a 808 diode laser, the ability to cool the skin during hair reduction therapy is critical to minimizing the potential for pain, redness, burns and hyper/hypo-pigmentation.?Therefore, if insufficient time is allowed for the heat to dissipate between shots you can very easily build up temperature with each successive shot. So the accumulated heat will become the last straw that breaks the camels back. Thus, it’s important to cool the skin to minimize the chances of adverse effects due to overheating. In our 808 diode laser, we adopt German TEC plus air plus water cooling to ensure our customers have a comfortable treatment experience. With that cooling system, can continuously work for 24 hours.

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C)Easy for using 

Apart form the configurations about the machine matter, the operating interface is also a factor that motivate customer to purchase. There are several different systems across different machines some of which are better than others. In some cases you have to input treatment parameters from tables and this can be cumbersome and make it possible for you, or your staff, to make mistakes resulting in bad clinical outcomes.

Our 808 diode laser has a  simple and professional user interface. It has a simple programming which is suitable for all operators where they simply have to enter which area they treatment and the skin type of the patient. It can choose the customer’s gender for a better treatment result. 

808 diode laser.jpg

For our business, the ultimate goal is earn profit. Every treatment head has a limited number of shots it can fire before it needs to be replaced. Bearing in mind that an individual treatment will attract a fixed fee it follows that the more treatments you can deliver per head, the higher your overall income will be. If you take the income generated from a handle and divide it by the total revenue for that handle and subtract the cost of the new handle you will come up with the profit per shot. Therefore, it’s better to know the per shot of your machine.

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In this post, we give brief introduction about our 808 diode laser. And due to limited space, we can not go further our 808 diode laser. If you want more details about our 808 diode laser, please our website for more.Henmily Beauty Machine Supplier Phone.jpg


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