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OPT SHR E light IPL Hair Removal Machine

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  IPL hair removal machine is available for the treatment of various skin conditions and disorders.Wechat/Whatsapp:+86 18620939009, provides fast and reliable treatment.


  A safe and reliable treatment option.It is suitable for all skin types,IPL hair removal machine can be used on any part of the body. The IPL beauty machine has been revolutionized to take the place of the old one without a drop in quality.

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  Intence Pulse Light(IPL)controls pulse shape by equalizing energy distribution over the entire pulse or sequential pulses. It makes the procedure gentler, more comfortable and patient-friendly.

  Semiconductor Contact Cooling technology cools the skin, minimizing the risk of burns, which in turn allows you to use higher fluences(power levels) delivered at a higher repetition rate(speed) while still maintaining comfort. The result is a ground-break laser hair removal solution that achieve superior results for all skin types.

  In-motion Delivery Technique?represents a breakthrough in patient comfort and procedure speed. With 15mm*50 mm spot size and 10 Hz repetition frequency, you’re safely and uniformly applying energy over a large grid. You will significantly improve the results by eliminate skipped spots and ensure full coverage rate.


  IPL Hair Removal

  The HR handle provides quick and effective results of permanent hair reduction in all skin types, including tanned skin. IPL hair removal machine use  the In-Touch Cooling technology for focused and effective treatment without pain.

  Specification:Light flash, 530nm-950nm, the point size of 15mm×50 mm, Up to 10 Hz.

  SR(Skin Rejuvenation)

  The SR handpiece is a suitable treatment such as acne, pigmented lesions, and wrinkles.

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