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Output voltage:300W

Voltage: 110/220V

Net weight: 30kg

Gross weight: 35kg

Package size: 52*62*125cm           

Machine size: 45*45*106cm

Main Function: breast enhancement, breast lifting, hips lifting, slimming and shaping body.


Main Function 


Main features

1. Pure physical therapy, safety, effectiveness, non-pain, non- wound, no side effect.

2. Different size cups to meet the therapeutic treatments on different parts.

3. Kinds of technologies, such as vacuum suction, vibration, photon,micro-electric, BIO massage, these can give a comprehensive effect to shape your body.



Physical vacuum suction 

1. It uses bionic technology, leading estrogen to breast and making the breast to be activated target, to make breast fat accumulate and then to enlarge the breasts.

2. The strong movement can give muscle a plentiful exercise, meanwhile it stimulates the estrogen, to get a natural breast care.

3. The suction can give exercise to musculature and improve its elasticity, so that to lift breast and make it firm. The suction and releasing movement can give stimulation to chest muscle and mammary glands, finally stimulate the growth of breast.

4. The suction can get through lymphatic, accelerate lymph circulation, which can get a good effect to eliminate edema, prevent breast diseases, balance internal secretion.


Micro electricity

When micro electricity passes through body, it can form a magnetic field. When electromagnetic wave goes through breasts, it makes a kind of tingle feeling, that is because the magnetic field is dredging the block part inside body, activate gene of mammary glands and make it re-grow, get through lymphatic, accelerate lymph circulation, to rebirth breast fat and get the effect of breast enlargement.



Micro wave vibration can give a continuous activation to base of mammary glands, make sport to undergrowth breast or saggy breast and make it re-grow.



Make skin tender and smooth, promote the essence absorption for body, tightening and firming skin, enhance the breast elasticity and shape the breasts.

Detailed Images

Treatment Results 


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Company Information





Physician Training




1.Do you offer clinical training?
Re: Yes, we offer detailed user manual, treatment manual and training DVD, we also supply professional online guidance hands-on instruction, of course, welcome to our factory for free and professional training.

2.What is your warranty?
Re: 12 months for host machine and lifetime maintenance.

3.Can you do OEM/ODM?
Re: Yes, design the machine shell,interface,logo and language according to your request, OEM,/ODM are welcomed!



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