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Beauty treatment case: Baby’s mother experience the effect of picosecond laser

Date de publication:2018-11-30    Les coups:1742

Her friend suggested that she go to experience the beautiful picosecond instrument. She didn't believe it. The Internet search found that many people tried the picosecond instrument to have a good effect, after search so many beauty treatment cases ,so She went to experience it.

beauty treatment.jpg

  Henmily professional beauty teacher, gave her a treatment plan!

  After applying the anesthetic, I began to experience the picosecond instrument, she was very excited!

  It didn't take long for it to be done. Hengmei's beautician took two ice packs to give her an ice face.

  After finishing the picosecond instrument, she used the repair product and the beauty treatment remove spot effect was very good.

  Now her husband loves her more, and he likes to look at her face more lovingly than before.

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