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Welcome to visit and purchase Henmily beauty machine

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Guangzhou Henmily beauty equipment factory is mainly specializing in beauty machines for salons.

Clients who want to open salon or develop new project are warmly welcome to visit us and experience the treatment. We will send professional beautician to your salon to provide operation training if you buy the big machines.


Hot beauty machine of Henmily: Pico second laser freckle removal machine, 1550nm laser wrinkle removal machine, 360 magneo-optical, thermolift, line carve queen, DPL delicate light skin rejuvenation machine, aqua peel machine.

beauty machine

Skin management center is a systematic engineer. From salon decoration, operating mode to afterward service , it is an organic whole, but not casually piece together with several photoelectric device.

Different beauty machine has different operation and maintenance way. No matter how good performance the machine is, it is necessary to maintain it well for  ensure its durability of operation as well as reduce the probability of default.



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