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Beauty machine factory tell you,pay attention to when choosing beauty equipment

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Beauty salons and investors should choose the brand manufacturers with strength and complete after-sales service according to their own situation when choosing beauty instruments. They should not only see the price of beauty instruments or the verbal sales commitment of each other, but also come to a new round of investment boom in 2018.

Guangzhou hengmei beauty machine factory is a professional beauty instrument factory which integrates the research and production, production, sales and service of beauty instruments.

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1.Efficacy of beauty machine

Beauty salons most value the efficacy of the instrument, whether the effect is significant and lasting, has become the most important choice of beauty salons. The effectiveness of the instrument depends on the technology used and the quality of the instrument itself. Beauty salons also often attract customers with novel techniques, thus love to pursue the current popular beauty technology. Classic technologies such as anti-aging include radio frequency, radio wave skin, ice wave skin and so on.

The best way to test the efficacy of an instrument is to experience it for yourself. If something is good or not, say it and don't count. Through the experience, you can learn a lot about the instrument manufacturer from the side.


Besides efficiency, investors' main concern is the price of the instrument. At present, the price of beauty machine fluctuates greatly, investors can shop around, according to their investment budget, always find corresponding equipment in the market.

When comparing prices, we should not blindly pursue low prices, but should see whether the price of the instrument matches the technology and efficiency.


Select well-known brands and formal manufacturers, carefully audit manufacturers business license, production certificate and other certificates complete. Check whether the instrument is produced by the company itself or by someone else. And how the scientific and technological innovation ability of the manufacturer, whether has the perfect new product development innovation ability and so on.

4.After-sales service

Once the problem of beauty machine appears, the operation and income of beauty salons will be affected, and whether the after-sale service is in place also concerns the safety of operation. At the same time, from the after-sales service can also see the strength of a manufacturer.

First of all, we should see whether the manufacturer has the ability to undertake the after-sales services, and whether the customer's after-sales tracking is timely and effective.

Secondly, pay attention to whether the manufacturer has perfect technical training strength and effective marketing planning scheme. Many manufacturers only sell equipment and introduce methods of use, without specific training programs for in-store beauty instructors.

Finally, the beauty salon should know whether the manufacturer can provide the accessories and spare parts of the instrument seriously. For imported instruments, it is also necessary to know the price of replacement parts in the future.



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