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Beauty machine factory which good

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Now there are many beauty machine factory, large and small, formal and informal, the number is very huge, Just because you want to save money, don't pick up unlicensed beauty equipment, which can cause skin damage that beauty salons can't afford.

  So editorial staff think choose beauty equipment, must be careful, have the following condition cannot be ignored:

  1. It is normal hairdressing equipment manufacturer, the certificate is complete.

  2. Both the safety and performance of beauty equipment should be up to standard, and beauty equipment manufacturers' reputation and after-sales services should be good, preferably the kind of actual successful cases, so that there will be a guarantee!

  Beauty equipment beauty medical equipment in the developed countries in Europe and the global market under the condition of market close to saturation point, the international medical equipment industry experts predict that in 2016, although the United States will remain the world's largest beauty medical equipment market, but China and Brazil will become the new growth pole for world beauty medical equipment on the market, the beauty of the two countries medical equipment market in 2016 will be $796 million and $572 million respectively. Japan's beauty and medical device market is expected to shrink by $29 million in five years from its current level, after years of devastating earthquakes, tsunamis and stalled economic growth. India's beauty and medical device market will grow to about $200 million. Most of the ten countries in southeast Asia have relatively backward economic development, but foreign economic analysts are still optimistic about the beauty medical device market in this region, believing that the beauty medical device market in this region is expected to reach $200 million in sales after 2016.

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  In recent years, about a million laser instruments, such as carbon dioxide lasers, q-switched lasers and semiconductor lasers, have been sold worldwide each year for cosmetic surgery. Not only can produce laser instruments used in industry in our country, also can produce all kinds of skin beauty laser products, data show that China can produce international beauty industry of YAG laser (1064 nm) skin beauty machine and all kinds of bright skin surgery for CO2 laser machine, as well as a variety of semiconductor laser medical/cosmetic surgery using the size of the laser products. At present, the annual output of medical laser products is more than 100,000, which is not only for domestic use, but also for export.

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  Guangzhou hengmei beauty machine factory business scope covers the life beauty instrument, medical beauty equipment, beauty chain stores, factories, and other areas, integrating research, production, sales and service, it provides top-end equipment for all kinds of comprehensive, specialized and plastic hospitals and SPA clubs,  and provides first-class services for the majority of customers by virtue of the global sales and service network. Its Q - modulated laser pigment therapy instrument, semiconductor laser hair removal instrument, dot laser skin reconstruction system, OPT photonics apparatus and other high-end beauty instruments have become the great love of many merchants. It not only has a good reputation at home, but also has been exported to Vietnam, Australia, Canada, the United States, Brazil, Europe, Moscow and other countries and regions. 



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