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Summer arrived, beauty salon began to play the idea of laser depilate to extend a guest, hence laser depilate special offer activity to go out, the client that makes an appointment depilate formed a long line, in order to do not let these not easy attract the client to run away, need to order a few more depilatory machine. So which laser hair removal beauty equipment manufacturers hair removal machine effect and affordable prices?

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  It is said that hengmei beauty machine factory808 semiconductor laser hair removal instrument special discount, cheap is not a little. Hot-sale products 808 semiconductor hair removal instrument have two main types, one is a small desktop laser hair removal machine, before the event has been more than 20000, and now is less than 15000 yuan, the other for vertical hair removal machine, belt roller, convenient push-pull, before 30000, special price also under 20000 now.

  The above two 808 laser hair removal devices are semiconductor laser, painless freezing point, special comfort, fast sliding. It can emit a wavelength of 808nm, and the penetration depth can reach the hair papilla. The right amount of energy density ensures that the energy output is strong enough to damage the target tissue in the appropriate time and the normal tissue is almost unaffected. Appropriate epidermal protective measures ensure adequate damage to the target tissue, and the epidermis is barely affected, so it does not harm normal skin. It can be used safely.

  Hengmei beauty machine factory, 808 semiconductor laser hair removal instrument, discount time is limited, during the activity get it over with.

  Guangzhou hengmei beauty equipment manufacturer is a famous domestic beauty equipment manufacturers, equipment are superior in quality, the price is affordable, welcome friends all over the world to visit, buy our instruments also contains professional guide teacher training, provide sales communication technique and solution, to help you quickly back to this, double profits.




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