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Is it good to use the beauty equipment for beauty?

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Now many beauty salons have eliminated the traditional methods. The first is that the technique is more time-consuming. The second is that traditional massage products are more difficult to penetrate into the skin through massage. Personal feelings are more focused on the atmosphere, as well as a sense of experience. Is it good to use the instrument for beauty? When the instrument is done, it saves time and effort.

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  Beauty equipment can be roughly divided into three different functions.

  First, cleansing class:

  Cleaning is much faster than manual。

  The second is LED phototherapy:

  It has the effect of stimulating collagen production, diminishing pigmentation, and dealing with acne muscles and other different effects on the skin, because it actually stimulates the skin to naturally produce the necessary nutrients, so it is necessary to adhere to the use to see the effect;

  The third is to have a lifting effect class:

  Ultrasonic or lifting effect, but if not used, the effect will disappear. So perseverance is the secret of beauty!

  2. Are older women using instruments for beauty?

  Beauty equipment is used by older women. Is the truth like this? This is determined by the condition of the skin, not by age. For girls with acne, although they are very young, they need to use the instrument. The instrument is divided into maintenance and treatment. In general, as long as there is skin care or problem skin, people can use it. Just choose the instrument and choose the right condition for the skin condition.

  3. Is it good to use the instrument for beauty? Will Beauty equipment gradually replace beauty salons?

  Beauty is just like eating at home! A lot of women think that it is better to buy a beauty card in a beauty salon than to spend thousands of dollars in the beauty salon. Is this the right idea? The instrument will never replace the beauty salon. Any good instrument is one of the tools used by "people", or it needs to be operated by people. This does not conflict with beauty salons. The beauty salon provides human-to-human interaction. Some simple maintenance instruments on the operating instrument can be used when you buy it home. However, most of the instruments are operated by professional technicians to achieve good results.

  Is it good to use the instrument for beauty? Generally speaking, whether you use the instrument at home or let a professional technician work in a beauty salon, as long as it is used correctly, there is basically no problem, but if the quality of the product or the technical use is wrong, it will still bring the skin. Injury to uncertain factors.



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