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Where is the skin management beauty equipment purchased?

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Skin management beauty equipment can be said to be a very important part of the skin management store. Compared with products, the purchase of instruments also requires a large amount of money. More and more old instruments are replaced by new technologies. The new instruments can not only help customers. Solving skin management problems can also help the store to solve the technical difficulties caused by the lack of a beautician. Then, where is the skin management instrument purchased?

  1, skin management comprehensive instrument

skin management comprehensive instrument

  The skin management synthesizer is selected by many newly opened skin management studios, mainly in the skin management integrated instrument with a cleaning function of the shovel, the ion-inducing function of promoting the absorption of nutrients by the skin, and the ultrasonic function of lifting the skin. The skin management synthesizer collection of these three functions can solve most skin problems.

  Skin management, Korean skin management, skin management integrated management instrument

  2, LED spectrometer

  It has an improved effect on various skin problems. Such as: acne muscle management, sensitive skin management, regeneration management, whitening management and so on. The LED spectrometer has four colors of light, and the efficacy of each color of light is different. The skin manager must remember clearly.

  Green light: calms the skin;

  Red light: whitening to renew skin and improve rough pores

  Yellow light: Freckle, improve skin flushing,

  Blue light: Acne, eliminates acne bacteria and improves oily skin.

  LED spectrometer, skin management, Korean skin management

  3, large bubble water meter

large bubble water meter

  The large bubble water meter is an essential cleaning instrument for the skin management studio. Most customers choose to do big bubble cleaning, mainly because large bubbles can clean the skin's deep dirt, mites and excess oil, remove aging keratin, etc., while nutrient solution can provide nutrients to the skin and improve skin texture. Increases skin elasticity and leaves skin white and supple.

  4,skin detector computing analysis


skin detector

  Skin detector, lock guest extension artifact, also called magic mirror! It uses RGB and UV spectral imaging technology to quantitatively and qualitatively analyze the number of excellent spots, the density of spots, the number of pores, the number of wrinkles, etc., to make accurate diagnosis and analysis, such detection is convenient and harmless, accuracy Very high!

  Skin tester, skin management, Korean skin management

  For newly opened stores, the above four instruments are basically sufficient when the scale is small. Of course, if the beauty salon is large or there are many beauty salon projects, other skin management instruments can be gradually purchased, such as Needle water and water oxygen meter, 808 hair removal machine, high frequency, line carving queen laser wrinkle removal instrument and so on.

  Where is the Korean skin management instrument purchased?

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