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How to choose skin management beauty equipment?

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Through the maintenance and care of the skin, the skin can not be old, and the competition in the skin management industry is relatively large. How to choose a skin management beauty equipment?

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First, the skin management instruments are divided into two types: auxiliary type and efficacy type.


Common auxiliary instruments include small bubbles, ultrasonic introducer, oxygen injection water meter, negative ion introducer, high frequency, etc., which are clean or help the skin to absorb. Efficient instruments are mainly based on optoelectronics and water and light. Literally, the auxiliary instrument is to help the skin absorb the product to improve the penetration of the product, improve the skin texture, such instruments, personally think that the gap between Korea and China is not particularly large, because the principle of the instrument is so simple, but the Korean instrument The precision is relatively high, which is worthy of recognition.


Efficient instruments such as laser-based instruments, this is a price, because the laser's energy and time accuracy, high precision laser requirements are very high in instrument technology and manufacturing hardware Some of these instruments are not comparable to domestically produced instruments.


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Second, domestic skin management equipment is not good?


In the case of domestically produced instruments proposed by students, it is not good. I do not deny this view because some domestically produced instruments do mimic the appearance of Korean instruments, but for auxiliary instruments, domestic instruments are considered to have no effect. I am not In particular, the development of beauty in China is also very fast. The beauty industry in China has been researching auxiliary instruments for many years. The technology and hardware are credible. Of course, the credibility mentioned here refers to those who are qualified. Instruments with strong manufacturers, for those who have better conditions and ample budget, it is recommended to buy Korean original instruments, the stability will be relatively better. For those students with relatively tight funds, personally think that the auxiliary instruments can be used domestically. To replace it.


Third, what are the effects of skin management instruments?


1. Remove keratin and remove hair follicle endothelial fat and keratin;


2, the essence of introduction, high concentration of active agents can penetrate the skin;


3, metabolism, promote blood and lymph circulation;


4, whitening and rejuvenation, prevent pigmentation and whitening, skin rejuvenation effect;


5, improve skin quality and promote skin repair;


6, improve wrinkles, stimulate the dermis layer, so as to effectively achieve the effect of electric waves to enhance skin tension;



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