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What is the effect of the hair removal machine?

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The laser hair removal machine is based on the principle of selective photothermal kinetics. By properly adjusting the laser wavelength energy pulse width, the laser can pass through the skin surface to the root hair follicle of the hair, and the light energy is absorbed and transformed into a damaged hair follicle. 

hair removal machine

The heat energy of the tissue, which causes the hair to lose its ability to regenerate while at the same time may damage the surrounding tissue and the tingling technique. Laser hair removal is a fast and long-lasting hair removal technique. So what is the effect of the freezing point hair removal device?

Freezing point hair removal machine

1.The laser can be fully absorbed by melanin, and the laser can effectively penetrate the skin to reach the position of the hair follicle. The action of the laser is effectively embodied in the melanin in the hair follicle to generate heat for hair removal.

2, a good hair removal effect, the laser pulse time required is related to the size of the hair, the thicker the hair needs the laser for a long time, in order to obtain the desired effect without damaging the skin.

3. Laser hair removal treatment of hair does not cause pigmentation on the skin surface after hair removal as in the traditional hair removal method. This is because the skin absorbs less laser light during laser hair removal treatment.

4, the use of the hair removal machine cooling system, effectively protect the skin from the burning of the laser throughout the process.



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