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OPT hair removal machine operation steps

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The sapphire probe of the OPT hair removal machine acts directly on the epidermis, allowingthe skin temperature to reach -4 degrees and painless hair removal at freezing points.

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  1. What is OPT beauty?

  A: OPT core technology, using the concept of three-dimensional technology: energy + energy +pulse width + pulse waveform.

  2. OPT hair removal machine operation steps?

  A: Before the operation, it is usually necessary to apply a layer of cold gel to the area tobe treated. You will be asked to wear a protective mirror or cover it properly to protect youreyes from strong light.

  During treatment, the operating lens of the OPT skin rejuvenation instrument is placed on theskin to be treated and the pulsed light is released.

  The whole process is relatively easy, each operation takes about 30 minutes, in order toachieve the desired effect, generally requires 3-5 operations

     3. Why does the OPT hair removal machine remove hair?

  A: The spot of 640~1200nm is destroyed by the high absorption of hair and hair folliclemelanin, which achieves the effect of hair removal.

  4. What parts can be removed?


OPT E-Light Using Effect:

radiofrequency opt laser hair removal machine shr Blood Vessels Removal retail instrument Distributor

  A: The hair of the whole body can be removed, but the thinner and softer the hair, the moretimes it needs to be taken. For example, the lip hair needs 10~12 times to remove the hair, andthe darker and thicker the hair, the better the effect.

  5. Does the OPT hair removal machine affect the perspiration after hair removal?

  A: No effect. Because light waves only have an effect on melanin, and there is no melanin inthe sweat glands, he does not absorb light and energy, so there is no effect.

  6. Does hair removal hurt the skin?

  A: The skin is like a transparent cellophane. OPT can quickly penetrate the skin and reach themelanin in the hair follicle, as well as the succulent skin. The skin is whiter after hairremoval.

  7. Why can hair removal change folliculitis?

  Folliculitis is caused by bacteria, and high temperature stimulation can destroy somebacteria. It can regulate the secretion of sebaceous glands, so some people can improvefolliculitis after hair removal, the pores become thinner and the skin is fair and delicate.



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