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Is the OPT hair removal machine good?

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OPT hair removal machine function principle: the laser can penetrate the skin surface to keep the hair follicle at a certain temperature, gently inactivate the hair follicle and surrounding stem cells, and achieve the purpose of hair removal.

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  OPT hair removal machine with OPT mode and SHR mode.

  The OPT mode is aimed at hair removal, speckle removal, acne, skin rejuvenation and other beauty projects.

  SHR mode is designed for fast sliding hair removal, hair removal, freckle, skin rejuvenation, etc. The sapphire cooling technology is efficient, comfortable and effective.

  What is the effect of the OPT hair removal machine?

  Hair removal: fast sliding hair removal

  Freckle: remove freckles, sun spots, age spots, sputum, facial sputum.

  Rejuvenation: Improves large pores, rough skin, dull complexion, whitening skin, even color, and restore skin elasticity.

  Acne: acne, acne marks.

  Improve telangiectasia, facial flushing, etc.

  Why buy an OPT hair removal machine?

  1. Short time: continuous pulse flashing light, only 5-10 minutes at a time;

  2. Non-invasive: no trauma to skin tissue, can effectively avoid the common side effects of laser, flash slide type can reduce the difficulty of operation;

  3. No pain: no need for anesthesia, a slight energy and heat;

  4. No follow-up care required: no special post-operative care is required, as long as sunscreen and hydration are needed;

  5. No physical or chemical adverse reactions, avoiding various side effects, privacy, and high comfort;

  6. Stable effect: wide application range and good effect;



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