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  • Henmily is a professional beauty equipment manufacturer

    ​Henmily is a professional&reliable beauty equipment manufacturer,combined with research ,production ,sale and service with its own patents.Henmily specializes in hi-tech aesthetic and medical equipment such as anti-wrinkle instrument,beau…

  • Introduction to guangzhou beauty equipment factory

    ​The development of the society, peoples quality of life has improved , more and more willing to tend to the spiritual enjoyment, leisure are willing to go to hairdressing body relax, make more and more people are willing to invest beauty, b…

  • How to choose skin management beauty equipment?

    ​Through the maintenance and care of the skin, the skin can not be old, and the competition in the skin management industry is relatively large. How to choose a skin management beauty equipment ? First, the skin management instruments are di…

  • Where is the skin management beauty equipment purchased?

    ​Skin management beauty equipment can be said to be a very important part of the skin management store. Compared with products, the purchase of instruments also requires a large amount of money. More and more old instruments are replaced by…

  • How to maintain the beauty equipment better?

    ​The beauty industry is a relatively promising industry. Of course, the beauty salon instrument popular effect is better now. If you pay attention to the latest equipment of Hengmei beauty equipment manufacturers, you will find that the mult…

  • Beauty Equipment Factory to create a skin management center for you!

    ​Guangzhou Henmily Beauty Equipment Factory specializes in the production of skin management instruments, the current hot items: remove pigment , tattoo removal, 1550nm laser wrinkle removal equipment, acne treatment, scar removal, anti-agin…

  • Is it good to use the beauty equipment for beauty?

    ​Now many beauty salons have eliminated the traditional methods. The first is that the technique is more time-consuming. The second is that traditional massage products are more difficult to penetrate into the skin through massage. Personal…

  • What are the necessary imported beauty equipment for beauty salons to make money?

    ​Now it can be said that it is an era of technology and beauty. Nowadays, the technology of beauty equipment is constantly improving. The beauty effect of beauty equipment is becoming more and more prominent. Now some advanced beauty technol…

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