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What is the difference between a beauty salon instrument skin analyzer and a skin tester?

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 Consumers may have questions about the difference between a skin analyzer and a skin tester. Which one is more widely used in the clinic? What are the skin management treatment options?

    The skin image analysis system is a relatively common skin analyzer in the market. It mainly uses optical photography technology to detect spots, pores, wrinkles, oil, ultraviolet rays, bloodshot or sunlight, which cause different degrees of damage to the skin. no problem.

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    For the medical profession, the real problem is that VISIA artificial intelligence can't tell the so-called wrinkle improvement, is it because the skin is getting healthy and disappearing, or are we applying cement paint on the face (you can also call it BB cream)? In other words, the aging wrinkles before the filming disappear after being covered with thick powder, VISIA will still be judged as the skin to restore health and brilliance.

  However, smart consumers know that wearing thick makeup is actually a very harmful act. Taking a step back, hundreds of millions of NT dollars of positron photography, nuclear magnetic resonance and other advanced medical examination instruments, can not develop standard-compliant artificial intelligence, hundreds of thousands of VISIA, its artificial intelligence certainly does not make sense. After such analysis, we have determined that this kind of "artificial intelligence" is useless; strictly speaking, deliberate use of non-standard experimental design, but emphasizes the scientific nature of the experimental results, basically not stupid, or fraud.

  Another common instrument skin analyzer, many beauty programs will also be used. This instrument can accurately measure many skin physiological data such as skin hydration degree, oil content, redness and melanin number.

    However, the point is that these data are easily disturbed by the external environment, including sun exposure, rain, temperature, cleaning times and skin care products, sweating, etc., so at most, it can only indicate the instantaneous hydration, oil and other conditions of the skin at the time of detection. It does not represent the true health of the skin.

    From the above discussion, you can clearly distinguish that the difference between the skin tester and the skin tester is in the form of repeatable, long-term control, rather than misleading interpretation.

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