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Picosecond wash tattoo removal machine recommended

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The distance traveled by the tattoo removal machine laser is very short. The picosecond laser can break the pigment into fine sand, so that the absorption efficiency of the pigment fragments is improved, the time and the number of times are greatly shortened, and the spotting effect is also obvious.

   tattoo removal machine to wash eyebrows and wash tattoo

  1 Go to the black and Q elastic muscles once. The picosecond laser does not damage the base layer of the epidermis, and at the same time, it stimulates the skin to start the tissue, which can also improve the problem of acne scars, pores and wrinkles while removing the spots.

  In addition to its good effect on liver spot symptoms, 2 picosecond laser can activate the skin's comprehensive renewal mechanism to reactivate the skin without harming the skin.

  3 go to the tattoo.

  4 shrink pores, dilute fine lines, activate collagen to dilute scars.

  Advantages of tattoo removal machine

  1. The energy of the picosecond laser to the skin is low, there is no groundbreaking wound and true layer damage, and the damage to the skin is reduced.

  2, can break the melanin into fine particles, improve the removal rate of melanin.



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