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The customer said that Henmily tattoo removal machine works well

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The customer said that after experienced the Henmily’s q-switched nd:yag laser for tattoo removal two times, the effect is very good.

                                          tattoo removal machine

  Each person's tattoo pattern is different, so the cleaning operation time, number of times and effects are different. If you want to use a tattoo removal machine to wash your tattoo, take a photo of your tattoo and send it to a professional operator to determine the treatment plan that is right for you.

  Washing a tattoo is a nuisance, because many tattoos can not be completely cleaned once, so it need wait for the skin to recover, about three months then wash it a second time, Green and red tattoos are difficult to wash and can only be diluted, so friends who wash color tattoos should be mentally prepare.

  Due to the size and color of the tattoo is different,so the number of washing is tattoo removal machine is different. tattoo removal machine for tattoo removal is effective, but it has to be washed about 6 times, and the light-colored tattoo is usually 2-4 times.



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