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Use of Picosecond laser

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First,installation and use of environmental requirements

  The instrument should  be installed and used in an independent studio

  The workshop of instrument should be clean and dustproof

  The temperature and humidity of the Picosecond laser instrument should be relatively stable, if they can’t be achieved to working conditions, user should equipped with air conditioner, dehumidifier and voltage regulator

Picosecond laser

  Second, Transportation of the Picosecond laser instruments

  The machine is modular design. The power supply, laser device and guiding light arm need to be shipped separately. The operator will operate it after installation and debugging at the user site before the shipment

  Third,Picosecond laser Instrument installation & Instrument debugging

  After the instrument was fixed installated, the operate will adjust and measure the machine according to frequency, monopulse energy,Laser output stability, energy recovery, display error, spot diameter adjustment range, cursor positioning accuracy and complete machine function after it is connected to power supply

  Fourth , Operation of the Picosecond laser instrument

  requirements for the operator:

  The operator of instrument should know professional knowledge of laser, and for professionals who have passed the training.

  display control panel and key function

  The display content of the LCD display is as follows

  Notice: The muzzle of laser should point to a safe place before boot and after machine was operated



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