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Can I take a bath after useing the tattoo removal machine ?

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The tattoo removal machine use lasers to selectively absorb and pressure the dyes, disintegrate the dyes, and excrete them through different routes without damaging the surrounding normal tissues.

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  The tattoo removal machine use pigment particles to absorb laser light of a specific wavelength due to their special color. Under the action of the powerful energy of the laser, the pigment particles will disintegrate and be destroyed in a short time, and then be removed by the skin's own metabolic system. .

  The duration of the laser exposure is very short and does not cause damage to the surrounding normal skin tissue.

  It is normal for the laser to wash the tattoo part with a burning sensation or a slight amount of bleeding. Then there will be molting, which will fall off after about 7-10 days. Do not force the scrape off.

  It will heal naturally in about two weeks. During the healing of the skin at the tattoo site, take care to avoid infection and avoid direct UV radiation.

  Wash the tattoo by the tattoo removal machine during the healing process, do not touch the water in the tattooed parts, do not rub, avoid spicy, smoke and alcohol, fast foods such as: coffee, cola and so on. It takes time to recover after laser tattooing. After washing the tattoo, it is necessary to keep the skin clean and dry, avoiding water in 24 hours.

  You can take a bath 24 hours after laser tattooing, but you can only rinse with water. You can't swim, bathe, or steam sauna within one week.

  Laserthe tattoo removal machine effect is very good, but after washing the tattoo should pay attention to good care, pay attention to the following points: laser wash tattoo may have a brief redness and other reactions, do not worry, after surgery will disappear.




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