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Picosecond tattoo removal machine operation process

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The picosecond laser tattoo removal machine is to first apply the laser to the affected area, then break the pigment particles into tiny debris, and then discharge through the skin, or the blood circulation and cell phagocytosis to complete the pigment metabolism. Do you know the process of picosecond laser tattoo removal machine?

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  1.patients need to wear eye protection glasses.

  2. Detecting the skin's response to the laser determines the effective energy. removal machine surgery first put the protective equipment on the surface of the skin and then start the laser Many patients describe each fluctuation is like a rubber sheet beat the skin.

  4.small tattoos require less operation, large tattoos need to be repeated several times in each case, the tattoo can be restored several times, each time the laser washes the tattoo will be slightly lighter.

  5.laser tattoo after the end of the tattoo to use the ice bag to the affected area to cool the affected area and then ask the patient to use topical antibiotic foam or ointment need to be bandaged or bandaged, such as sun exposure to cover the affected area with a sunscreen.

  Before washing the tattoo, we need to understand the operation process of the Picosecond tattoo removal machine, which is helpful for postoperative recovery.



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