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1. Cover





2. Working Theory

The intense pulsed light with a wide spectrum of 900-1800nm has a wide pulse width, it can remove hair permanently of different parts of skin for different skin color and depths. The long wavelength light can reach the root of the hair follicle, and the melanocytes in the hair follicle can absorb the light with a specific wave band to destroy the hair follicle selectively without destroying the surrounding health tissue. The hair follicles generate heat, and the hair follicles and the growth stem cells lose their growth activity so that the hair can be removed permanently.



3. Instrument Treatment Procedure

First, professional beauticians diagnose treatment program that customer needs to proceed

1. Hair removal: beard, lip hair, armpit hair, arm hair, chest hair, leg hair, pubic hair, etc.

Second, Second, confirm whether customers are in scar condition( if he or she is, suggest customers stop the treatment)

Third, customize treatment plans for customers according to treatment program

Forth, undergo treatment for customers according to the corresponding plans

Fifth, provide postoperative plans for care after the treatment.

Sixth, follow regularly customers repair and hair shed condition

Seventh, complete the treatment plans.

4. Application

SHR Handpiece: pain-free hair removal, permanent removal of excess body hair(skin type1-6)





Product Details

 5.Handpiece Details



6. Unique Advantages

    1. cooling system: cool water, cool air, semiconductor refrigeration, can make the operating handle to reach a temperature of minus 4 degrees, freezing point painless operation.

    2. Multi-pulse adjustable technology to make sure that energy is sufficient and no damage to normal tissues

    3. Unique sapphire crystal can make sure that there are no waste for energy, longer life span and better effects

    4. Intelligent automatic calibration system for optical path can make sure the stability of the output of energy of the light source.

    5. Flat-topped square –wave pulse technology to eliminate energy attenuation problem of pulse




7. Features of Treatment

    1. More faster & quicker flashing, suitable for 6 skin types, permanent painless hair removal.

    2. Accurate wavelength and efficient energy of DPL, hair removal, skin rejuvenation, long and effective result of pigmentation and vascular lesions removal.

    3. Easy to operate, short treatment time, 30 minutes for each time.

    4. No surgery, no anesthesia, no side effect, no downtime.

8. Before and After




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Physician Training




1.Do you offer clinical training?
Re: Yes, we offer detailed user manual, treatment manual and training DVD, we also supply professional online guidance hands-on instruction, of course, welcome to our factory for free and professional training.

2.What is your warranty?
Re: 12 months for host machine and lifetime maintenance.

3.Can you do OEM/ODM?
Re: Yes, design the machine shell,interface,logo and language according to your request, OEM,/ODM are welcomed!


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