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CO2 LASER Vaginal lubricating sensitivity Health beauty clinic equipment



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Henmily facial instruments beauty lasers machine Vaginal lubricating  fractional CO2  laser



1. Theory

Fractional working mode:

    CO2 fractional laser uses the single laser beam with a wavelength of 10600nm. The high-energy laser acts on the skin to vaporize the diseased tissues on the moment by the form of dots and form non-overlapping micropores , the micropores are only one- twentieth of the hair size. The light energy is converted into heat energy and the temperature of the subcutaneous tissues reaches 65-70C°, which promotes the regeneration of new collagen and elastic fibers and forms a corresponding thermal bridge between the micropores to reshape the skin and completely solve the problematic skin such as pigmentation, pox pits, scars ,stretch marks and the like.



Privacy mode:

    The privacy laser is the perfect combination of the laser wavelength 10600nm of the Water Absorption of Gold Standard , 3D lattice technology and 360° loop emission technology. Then it produces a high temperature of 50-70°C under the controlled depth of the vaginal mucosa, which stimulates the contraction, reorganization and regeneration of collagen, thereby achieving the purpose of vaginal tightening.



2. Application

1. facial  wrinkles removal: pox pits, smallpox, flaky color and age spots

2. female stretch marks removal

3. all kinds of scars, such as burn scars, sutures, surgery and the like

4. treatment for uneven skin tone, large pores, and firm up skin

5. tighten the vaginal:  from 5 fingers to 3 fingers

    pink vulvar lips, milky vulvar  

    improve vaginal health, balance PH value, reduce inflammation, have a good adjuvant treatment effect on female stress urinary incontinence




Product Details

3.Handpiece details



4.Unique advantages

1) imported light guide arm from Korean famous band, 7 joints articulated light guide arm, 360 degrees no dead angles for operation



2) America imported laser, has small spot diameter of 30-50nm, less thermal damage, easy to repair

3) long life span, less energy consumption



5. Machine features of treatment

1) 7 laser scanner graphics available, adjustable sizes, make sure treat precisely

2) simple to operate, only need 30mins

3) privacy treatment can tighten the vagina 360 degrees without dead angle, effectively improve the relaxation of vagina

4) no surgery, no trauma, no side effect, no repair period

6. Before and after




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Company Information





Physician Training




1.Do you offer clinical training?
Re: Yes, we offer detailed user manual, treatment manual and training DVD, we also supply professional online guidance hands-on instruction, of course, welcome to our factory for free and professional training.

2.What is your warranty?
Re: 12 months for host machine and lifetime maintenance.

3.Can you do OEM/ODM?
Re: Yes, design the machine shell,interface,logo and language according to your request, OEM,/ODM are welcomed!


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