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Q-switch Nd Yag Picosecond Laser Tattoo Removal Machine



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1. Theory

    The laser Q switch like a high-speed shutter, which can release the laser energy in a short period of time(about 5~10ns)to form a giant pulse with high energy density. When the laser giant pulse is absorbed by the diseased pigment tissue, the action time of the laser energy and biological tissues is very short, thus, it avoids the damage of the surrounding tissues caused by the thermal effect. By utilizing different optimal absorption wavelengths of various pigments (such as melanin cells, red blood cells, dye particles of tattoos, etc.) to choose its laser wavelength with the relevant absorption peaks can remove  pigment-diseased tissues, which is the most effective way to remove pigmented lesions tissues without affecting the surrounding normal tissue. This principle is called “selective photothermal effect” in laser medicine.



2. Application

1) All color tattoo, eyeliner and lip line removal

2) Epidermis and dermis pigment

3) Nevus of Ota, blue nevus, black nevus, coffee spot



Laser type  Nd:YAG Q-switched laser
Laser wavelength(nm)  1064nm/532nm
Indicator of aiming light  Red semiconductor aiming light,650nm
Laser mode  Double pulse
Laser energy  1064nm/1600mj; 532nm/800mj
Width of pulse  6ns
Pulse repetition rate  1Hz-10Hz
Spot diameter(mm)  2mm-10mm adjustable
Beam of light transmission  7 articular-arm of light guide,transmission power more than 95%
Cooling system  Closed-off water circulation+air+wind
Interface language  English,German,French (support for custom)
Power supply  2000W
Voltage  AC 110V/220V±10% 50HZ-60HZ
Packing  Standard Aluminum Alloy Box
Dimension of package  66x115x136(cm)
N.W.  106kg
G.W.  61kg


Product Details

3. Parameter of handle

1) 1064nm handpiece: remove darker pigment such as black, brown, purple, etc.

2) Honeycomb mode: whitening and rejuvenating , the back dolls, removing green, blue and other pigments (honeycomb video or photo display)

3) 532nm handpiece: remove brighter pigment like red, orange, yellow, etc.



4. Unique advantage
1) Bipolar Nd: YAG laser, the maximum energy of the laser can reach 1600mj;

2) Germany designers use ABS aerospace materials for industrial and internal structural design to achieve anti-interference, anti-static corrosion and flame retardant;
3) It equips light guide arm imported from Korea and 7 joint arm, which is more flexible and convenient to operate, and has 360 degree without dead angle;
4) Built-in flat cap mode , the spot is more uniform, the treatment effect is better, and the comfort is stronger;
5) Washing the tattoo without breaking the skin and bleeding, and the damage is small;
6) The clinical effect is more obvious under the guidance of professional clinical experience doctorsImported water circulation system technology, three-layer refrigeration, 18 hours standby time!


    The PTP mode divides high energy into two pulses in a short period of time, effectively reducing pigmentation, but also maximally eliminates pigmentation, minimizing the risk of recurrence of chloasma. It produces less pain, gently irritates the skin, reduces damage to surrounding tissues and rapid collagen regeneration.


5Clinic Feature
1) Ultra-narrow pulse width produces immediate effect with high customer satisfaction.
2) Less damage to normal skin tissue, lasting effect does not rebound.
3) The treatment course is short, no trauma, no side effects, no downtime.
4) There is no strict requirement for skin tone and all skin types are suitable.
5) The operation is very simple, easy to learn and operate.




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Physician Training




1.Do you offer clinical training?
Re: Yes, we offer detailed user manual, treatment manual and training DVD, we also supply professional online guidance hands-on instruction, of course, welcome to our factory for free and professional training.

2.What is your warranty?
Re: 12 months for host machine and lifetime maintenance.

3.Can you do OEM/ODM?
Re: Yes, design the machine shell,interface,logo and language according to your request, OEM,/ODM are welcomed!


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