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Picosecond Tattoo Removal Machine 1064nm/532nm



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2019 Professional Model 1064 532 Nm Tattoo Machine Tattoo Removal Laser Nd Yag Q Switch

 Tattoo Removal Machine Theory

The laser pigment treatment system adopts the Gem Q-switched mode, the instantly emits high energy of the laser can effectively crush the chromophore in the diseased tissue, which is the Photo-induced Blasting Principle—the high accumulated energy of laser emits instantaneously, the laser can reach the diseased color in a short period of time(the pulse width about 8ns), the corresponding color group expand and blast immediately after absorbing light energy and being heated, a part of color group (in epidermis) metabolized in epidermis after blasting, a part of color( in tissue under epidermis) can be absorbed by macrophage phagocytosis  after blasting into small particles and finally excreted through the body lymphatic circulation. The diseased color will reduce and disappear gradually, and there is no damage to the surrounding health skin tissue, for it does not absorb the laser light.


2019 Professional Model 1064 532 Nm Tattoo Machine Tattoo Removal Laser Nd Yag Q Switch


 Tattoo Removal Machine Application

  Endogenous pigments: birth marks, pigmented nevus, coffee spots, age spots, freckles, etc.

Exogenous pigments: tattoos of various colors, eyebrow tattooing, eyeliner, lip grain, traumatic tattoos, etc.

  1)1064nm handpiece: remove dermal pigments such as tattoos, chloasma, liver spots, butterfly spots, cyasma, fuscocaeruleus, nevus of Ota etc.

  2)532nm handpiece: remove epidermal pigments such as freckles, sunburn, age spots, etc.

  3) Black face doll treatment head: skin whitening and rejuvenation (treatment with carbon peel)



Product Details

2019 Professional Model 1064 532 Nm Tattoo Machine Tattoo Removal Laser Nd Yag Q Switch


Tattoo Removal Machine Treatment Procedure

  First, professional beautician diagnoses skin problems of customer

  1) facial spots can be divided into: epidermal spots(freckles, sunburn, age spots, coffee spots) and dermal spots(chloasma, liver spots, butteries, cyasma, naevus fuscocaeruleus zygomaticus) 

  2) eyebrow tattooing, tattoos, lip tattooing washing and nevus removal

Second, Confirm whether the customers is in scar condition (if he or she is, no further treatment is allowed)

  Third, customize treatment plans for customers based on customers’ skin problems

Forth, treat customers according to skin problems of customers

Fifth, provide customers with postoperative care solutions

Six, regularly follow customers repairs and complete treatment plans

Unique Advantages

  1) Using Gem Q-switched mode, pulse width is about 8ns

  2) Patented anti-seismic ceramic diffuse reflection gun body has great stability.

  3) Dedicated YAG crystal (excellent grade), energy of a single pulse up to 600mj

  4) Special pulse laser xenon lamp (more than 500000 pulses), high quality accessories such as water pump with high power ensure the quality and continuous working time of the instrument.


2019 Professional Model 1064 532 Nm Tattoo Machine Tattoo Removal Laser Nd Yag Q Switch


Features of Treatment

  1. Less damage to normal skin tissue, long lasting effects and no rebound

  2. Short treatment time, no trauma, no side effects, no downtime.

  3. No strict requirement for skin, all skin types are suitable

  4. Simple  operation, easy to learn and operate

Before and After


2019 Professional Model 1064 532 Nm Tattoo Machine Tattoo Removal Laser Nd Yag Q Switch


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Physician Training




1.Do you offer clinical training?
Re: Yes, we offer detailed user manual, treatment manual and training DVD, we also supply professional online guidance hands-on instruction, of course, welcome to our factory for free and professional training.

2.What is your warranty?
Re: 12 months for host machine and lifetime maintenance.

3.Can you do OEM/ODM?
Re: Yes, design the machine shell,interface,logo and language according to your request, OEM,/ODM are welcomed!


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