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 Henmily is one of the largest production base of high-end equiments in China.

The complete modern enterprise system: It enables us to reduce the production cost in a large amount, which can give enormous profit margins of our collaborators.

The complete modern enterprise system:  It enables us to quickly adjust the research and development trends of product for facing the changes of market to produce more suitable products for the vast number of consumers.

Scientific research: we have a group of technology and beauty counselor that is consisted of famous beauty specialist and professors at home and abroad.

Production: we own modern factory with near 10 southsand square meter, the fatory totally implement standardization management and have established complete system from package, production to inspection of finished product.

Marketing : Many well-qualified talents with marketing and advertising planning come in our company together

After-sales services : It is obligatory that we provide services and assistances for customers in the first time because we have established a standardized process.

Henmily beauty equipment OEM/ODM Process:

1: Customers put forward demands.

2: The technological department of company evaluates the demands and give rational suggestion for customers.

3: Customers sign the contract with us and make 30% of total cost as deposit for us 

4: we will produce a machine as the sample .

5: It is sustaining for customers to confirm/repair the sample till customers satisfy it 

6: we will make quantity production after confirmation

7: Customers will check and take the machines after paid the balance.


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