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Beauty treatment case: repair products after experienced the picosecond instrument

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Henmily beauty teacher introduced me to the picosecond instrument and skin care, then cleaned the face, began to do the skin beauty treatment of the picosecond device, the laser hit a little pain on the face, the face was a little red after treatment, after applying the repair mask The skin is cooled and has a mitigating effect.

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  1, the face is broken:

  Use the face before the face is good, and use the mask to brighten the skin.

  2, the face is not broken:

  First use the repair product, then use the mask, go home, use toner in the morning, repair the original solution, essence, lotion, after using the toner at night, use toner, mask, toner, brightening lotion and essence cream.

  After finishing the skin beauty treatment of the picosecond instrument, Hengmei beauty teacher sent me a mask, she suggested that I go home after 7 days and then use the mask.



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